Increase your ad revenue by using real‑time audience data

Addreality provides Live WiFi data for DOOH performance

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What is Addreality WiFi module?

Use Addreality WiFi module to give data-driven advertisers the data they want

Advertisers demand ROI

Simply give them the data they want by using Addreality WiFi analytics

Measure OTS to calculate your audience exposure and reach

Simply plug & play Addreality WiFi sensor to start passively recognizing smartphones and measure your audience exposure and reach.

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Measure Dwell Time to calculate CPM rates and A/B test media content

CPM rates

CPM rates are often determined by how long a captive audience is exposed to your content. Now you can make a justified CPM rates calculation using Addreality dwell time analytics.

A/B testing

Compare campaign dwell times so you can understand what campaigns have the highest retention rate. Now you can be sure that you`re playing your advertising content in the right place, at the right time, in front of the perfect audience.

Measure OTS frequency rates to calculate GRP and perform targeted messaging

By determining OTS frequency and understanding the number of times one person viewed particular content you can calculate GRP and improve your mediaplan basing on the number of times your audience have already seen this content.

Measure conversions to improve your DOOH performance

Measure how many viewers of your content has been actually caught at the target points of sales.

Consumers journey tracking

Using Addreality WiFi sensors you can track the consumer`s journey from top of funnel to bottom.

Generate flexible custom ROI reports delivered straight to your inbox

Advertisers demand ROI — simply give them the data they want by using Addreality WiFi analytics. Create flexible custom reports on your campaigns and devices and send them to your e-mail for continue analyzing.

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