Staff training and informing system

Engage, train and motivate your employees right at point of sale. Synchronize the digital signage campaigns at retail space using application micro-lessons for assistants.

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Create the most effective service

Create the most effective service using online staff training. Launch it on your notebooks and smartphones according to schedule.

Combine knowledge and advertisement

Combine knowledge and advertisement at POS using onepoint information management. Interactive micro-lessons are available in application the day before promotions and their streaming at retail space using online audio and video advertising.

Reduce production training costs

Reduce training costs using the partners chain exclusion from the interactive lessons process. The option of interface creation for touch devices without programming.

Control self-service process

Control customer self-service using dialogue recording during sales and consultations not only on checkout but on assistant`s tablet as well. It`s possible to add features to interactive project due to the powerful template editor. Records action triggering is available, for example, negative feedback.

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