Types of solutions

The following types of platform based solutions can be accomplished:

Touch interfaces

The platform enables developing user interfaces operable on touch screens. The interfaces are developed in the process of creation of advertising campaign templates in Addreality Designer.

Every time an interface is used, each touch is displayed in Addreality Manager and remains available for further analysis.


Classic Digital Signage

The platform enables to organize classic Digital Signage solutions focused on informing or entertaining the audience, advertising of goods and services etc.

The system supports playback of continuous, unaltered content as well as content adaptation following different factors, such as:

Adaptation is accomplished by using the platform features and hardware peripherals or integrated software solutions.

Video walls

The platform enables creation of video walls.

This solution can be realized in Addreality Designer, where in the phase of editing an advertising campaign template the screen is divided in two or more zones, each corresponding to a video wall’s screen. Particular size, position and ID number are assigned for each zone. The same ID number is shown on the correspondent broadcast devices connecting with such zones.

Any informational, entertaining or advertising content to be rendered on a big screen.

Synchronous content playback on multiple broadcast devices

The platform provides organization of synchronous playback of any content on multiple broadcast devices, for example on multiple tablets, TV panels and a video wall.

This solution is based on a peering network between the broadcast devices. In Addreality Designer one can create a few advertising campaign templates, one of which is set as main (master) and the others as slaves.

When an advertising campaign is played back on broadcast devices where a slave template is deployed, content transmitted by the broadcast device with the main template is being played. The playback is synchronous and does not depend on the internet bandwidth on broadcast devices: the device with the main template sends messages with information about the current playback to the devices with slave templates.

Any informational, entertaining or advertising content to be played back synchronously on multiple broadcast devices.

Advertising campaign control from broadcast devices

The platform enables to control advertising campaigns from broadcast devices. For instance, one can change content of a video wall by pushing a button on a tablet.

This solution is based on a peering network between broadcast devices. In Addreality Designer one can create a few advertising campaign templates. In one of the templates a message is assigned for one of the elements, such as a button, so that it will be sent when the button is pushed. In another template a preset action will be actuated when the message is received.

In addition, advertising campaigns can be controlled by using command line on broadcast devices. For this purpose an API command line is provided which is integrable into advertising campaign templates in Addreality Designer.

Any informational, entertaining or advertising content for which one advertising campaign template is not sufficient to be played back.

Corporate television

The platform enables to organize a corporate television.

Such a project can comprise playback of corporate videos, information about the current corporate indices, creeping line with corporate and world news, and other elements whose content is downloaded from the corporate portal.


Monitoring third-party apps and devices

The platform enables to monitor third-party apps and devices.

For this purpose Player is installed on the desired device and activated in the background mode. In the background mode Player is not shown on the screen and the device can be operated as usual, thus all the features for monitoring and controlling the device from Addreality Manager, including the possibility to receive screenshots, look through the operation logs of the device etc., remain available.

Monitoring and controlling critical devices and apps.

Integration with third-party apps

The platform enables integration with third-party web, Flash and Android apps.

In order to realize this solution, when editing an advertising campaign template in Addreality Designer, either a Web Frame is added, containing a link to a web application, or an Application Container module indicating the type of third-party app (SWF, Android, Android APK) and the respective link.

Any informational, entertaining or advertising content where third-party apps should be used.

Feedback forms

The platform enables to create feedback forms to collect data from your audience. The forms can be developed in the process of creating advertising campaign templates in Addreality Designer.

The input data is received by Addreality Manager for further analysis.

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