Control system Addreality Manager — Addreality

Addreality Manager

Addreality Manager is destined to administrate advertising campaigns and broadcast devices, monitor and analyze them.

Addreality Manager is intended to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Adding and removing content into Addreality Manager (texts, images, videos, sounds) to be used within advertising campaigns
  • Approval of content uploaded to Addreality Manager before it is used within advertising campaigns
  • Planning and administration of advertising campaigns
  • Control of broadcast devices
  • Report generation
  • Platform administration
  • Association of content, campaign templates and groups of devices into advertising campaigns
  • Setting playback schedules for advertising campaigns or their content – by period, chosen dates, days of the week, time of day
  • Transmission of advertising campaigns to broadcast devices
  • Real time update of content of advertising campaigns on broadcast devices without playback being stopped and without Addreality Designer being used

Control of broadcast devices comprises the following options:

  • Adding and removing devices in Addreality Manager
  • Grouping devices by catalogs and key words
  • Player update on broadcast devices
  • Viewing logs of devices
  • Setting operation time of devices by days of the week and time intervals, including different time frames during one day
  • Automatic OS configuration on devices for an optimal performance of Addreality Player
  • Sending statistics of content playback - on /off
  • Configuration of time intervals for devices uploading advertising campaigns and content with the option to set days of the week, one or few time intervals within one day of the week, speed limits in kbps per upload
  • Sound level control
  • Display on/off
  • Angle indexing for cameras on broadcast devices
  • Sleep, hibernate and reboot of broadcast devices (if technically feasible on the device and on the OS in use)
  • Use of the above mentioned options either for separate broadcast devices or on groups of devices

Available reports:

  • Operation logs of Addreality Designer, broadcast devices and Addreality Player
  • Records about played back content
  • Records about history of each view of broadcast devices by users
  • Records about conversion of views into interaction with a campaign /project on broadcast devices

System administration comprises the following options:

  • Adding, editing and removal of platform user accounts
  • Adding, editing and removal of platform user roles, including the options of turning on/off access to separate platform features
  • Protection against unauthorized access – time intervals for automatic exit from Addreality Manager and Addreality Designer after the time set has expired
  • Other platform settings necessary for its proper operation

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