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Addreality Designer

Addreality Designer is destined to create advertising campaign templates and interactive projects, as well as their transmission to Addreality Manager.

  • Template

    Template is a playback scenario for an advertising campaign/interactive project. Such a scenario can comprise content, modules, triggers and directed links between scenario elements.

  • Content

    Texts, sounds, images, animation and videos can be either static or dynamic and received from any external source.

  • Modules

    Modules are intended to collect process and show content. Triggers enable to set up relation between any event and subsequent modification of scenario or content of an advertising campaign.

An example of such a rule: if a male customer approaches a broadcast device, the background image switches to a video sequence focused on male audience. Using directed links between the above mentioned scenario elements enable to set a playback sequence for an advertising campaign.

The usage of the abovestated elements allows to simplify advertizing campaigns creation

Addreality Designer enables the following features:

  • Allocation of static content in templates: text, sound, images, animation, video.
  • Allocation of dynamic content received from external sources in templates: RSS, XML, link to a web resouce or a file storage, TV tuner, video camera, live streaming HTTP/UDP, Addreality Manager.
  • Allocation of modules in templates. Modules are functional elements intended to playback different types of information, realization of user interfaces, and integration of external functional features.
  • Import of files prepared in Adobe Photoshop for user interfaces.
  • Allocation of triggers into templates. Triggers are functional elements intended to adapt playback of content to external events, such as special dates or persons detected by the camera of a device (persons of certain sex and age), etc.
  • Setting a sequence for the playback of content within templates.
  • Templates preview.
  • Templates upload to Addreality Manager.
  • Control of broadcast devices.

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