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Deployment options

The platform can be used in two ways: Addreality Sphere (SaaS license) and Addreality Enterprise (on-premise license).

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      Addreality Sphere (SaaS)

      When using the cloud based solution (Addreality Sphere), the back end and Addreality Manager are stored on our servers. If this deployment mode is your choice, you get an address like where you can access Addreality Manager to administer advertising campaigns, your broadcast devices etc.

    • Addreality Enterprise (on-premise)

      In case of a local installation (Addreality Enterprise), the back end and Addreality Manager are installed on your hardware. The broadcast devices connect to your server(s), Addreality Manager can be accessed at the address which is set by you. If this is your option, a dynamic configuration can be used when Addreality Manager and the back end elements, including DBMS, will be installed on different servers.

Regardless of which deployment option is chosen, data transfer between broadcast devices, Addreality Manager, back end and Addreality Designer can be accomplished within both open and closed networks.


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