The STREETUNION network connection to the Addreality Sphere platform — Addreality

The 1st Addreality pilot project in partnership with the Eastidea company in China

Project goals

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    Complex solution development for the full customer analysis

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    High-quality content delivery for customers

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    Project launch in a more than 500 Chinese stores the nearest 5 years

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    Performance effectiveness and profit improvement


3 video columns

  • Consist of 40 synchronized displays broadcasting promo materials and clothes collections in retail space.

  • Customer scans QR code on a screen, chooses a size to try on and the system indicates the fitting room.

Addreality WiFi analytics

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  • Dwell time

  • Frequency of message broadcasting for the MAC address

  • Conversion rate (with 95% accuracy)

Background music

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    Enables targeting content to specific groups

Addreality Sphere benefits

  • Centralized content management on all the broadcasting points

  • Supporting the graphic material creation, media plan preparation and customer behavior analysis

  • Get the audience detailed statistics and analytics

  • Realization of complex communication process as a synchronized content broadcast on the front screens, audio ads and WiFi analytics

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