Rive Gauche

Immersive in-store experience

“Afimall”, Moscow
City shopping center

  • Increase the average retail bill by means of targeted promotions for various customer segments
  • Provide excellent customer service and advance it by using analytics system with day-to-day improvements
  • Follow your customers steps to identify their needs by using customer journey map
  • FaceID technology will assist you to build a customer journey map by following every step and gather all the crucial details about their needs and desires
  • Create data-driven store of the future

Customer Journey widget

Addreality platform features

  • P2P data transfer
  • Flexible content management with the idea no matter how complicated it appears to be
  • Ad scheduling made easier with Addreality platform
  • Advanced analytics system recognizing 23 face attributes: age, gender, hair color, emotions, etc.
  • Comprehensive device management anywhere and anytime
  • Interactive mechanics of any complexity - take your network to new heights
  • Video-walls of any forms, scale and number of content zones
  • Professional player for high-quality background music and content playback

Partners in trust Closely working with our partners we are able deliver the best-of-breed solution

For Rive Gauche retail experience we have created advanced FaceID technology based on 3 components

    • Addreality

    • Addreality

    • Addreality

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