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How will AI transform Digital Signage?


We've already got used to the digital environment of menu boards, ad panels and window displays. However, whether this technology might be more useful? Whether Digital Signage can personalize consumer-brand connection or help marketers to manage real-time ads? It`s totally possible - through the Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning.

AI and deep learning

The platforms based on AI and deep learning technologies allow to analyze big data online. Smart systems get access to large database as being valuable within analytical features.

Herewith AI is merely an automation tool but not a thinking machine. It makes conclusions, defines mode and necessary reaction. For instance, such systems contribute to in-store product management: the product storage is optimized and product demand is predicted through the temperature sensors. The platform can «learn» becoming eventually more and more effective.

But what's more reasonable is that AI and Digital Signage technologies engage into the targeted consumer-brand interaction.


Everybody wants to feel his/her importance and personality. AI and deep learning make this possible.

Digital Signage platforms managed by AI and learning technologies can already recognize customers. Digital Signage takes individual approach to each client as well as local shop owners know the names of regulars. The system can recognize a customer, welcome him and show the product data based on previous purchases. Relevant content

Despite the growth of online shopping retailers have to make sales promotion in traditional markets as well. A lot of brands use Digital Signage for sale advertising or product introduction. AI enables to implement customized features.

Many brands have already gathered enough information about consumer behavior to create relevant content. There are 2 ways in ad message development through AI and deep learning: to consider digital environment or create personalized messages.

Deep learning technologies coupled with AI allow to target audience. For example, when a man gets into clothes shop the system defines his boots from the last collection. Then it analyzes which high-demand boots are available and shows the relevant ads on the go.

Why it's important

The investments in deep learning and DS continue to grow. It's expected that DS market will reach $31.71 billion in 2025, while AI - $60 billion. This phenomenal prediction indicates genuine interest and desire to invest in DS development. Therefore, it's worth considering.


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