Equipment usage

The Addreality Player software works on various equipment types running:


  • Home and Professional editions are not recommended for professional long-term use home and pro while Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is recommended.
  • Windows 7 and higher are supported.


  • Addreality software works on custom versions and Android TV as well.
  • Android 4.2.2 and higher are supported.


  • iOS 10 and higher are compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod.


  • OS X 10.13 and higher are supported.

Content recommendations

Advice: using of content with resolution higher than layer size isn’t recommended. There won`t be the qualitative difference in content displaying, but this mismatch influences on transition animation rendering and overlay effects.

Equipment requirements

Media broadcasting points include one or several equipment types:

Examples of equipment




DeviceConnection methodsBroadcasting point OS displaying
KeyboardUSB, PS/2, Bluetooth

Computer mouseUSB, PS/2, Bluetooth

ScreenVGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort with splitter/coaxial cableMonitors
Touch interfaceUSB
Frame grabberPCI, PCI-E, USB

TV-tuner PCI, PCI-E, USB, FireWire, ISA, VGA, DVI
CameraUSBImage processing device
Motion sensorCOM port/USB through COM-to-USB adapter
Beacon motion detectionBluetooh with BLE support (Low Energy), available from Bluetooth v4
MicrophoneMini-jack 3.5, USB
Sound processing deviceMini-jack 3.5, USB